Charting your plans: ICAO’s event lineup for 2024

Every year at ICAO we offer a wide spectrum of global events that are developed to address critical areas of civil aviation. Some of the events planned for 2024 cover air navigation, aviation safety, security and innovation, passenger facilitation, environmental sustainability, economic development, drones and implementation support.  Each of the events will provide a strategic platform for aviation professionals to engage in meaningful discussions, share expertise, and collaborate on solutions that shape the future of the industry. Whether you are focused on enhancing safety, exploring innovative advancements, or championing environmental responsibility, ICAO’s comprehensive event lineup provides the insights and opportunities you need to excel in the dynamic world of aviation.

Attending ICAO events provides a broader global perspective on civil aviation challenges, solutions, and opportunities. We provide a forum for networking, collaborating, and building relationships with peers, regulators, and industry stakeholders. At our events we address the regional and international dynamics that affect the industry. We also give participants access to information that can help them make informed decisions and develop strategies to help them navigate challenges and foster innovative solutions. We understand that it is not always possible to attend these events in person, so we do what we can to bring many of them to you!  Make sure to tune into ICAO TV to see which ones are available for on-demand viewing.
In an industry where staying current is crucial, our events ensure attendees are well-informed about the latest developments, initiatives, and global trends that impact aviation. We provide this  unique platform for aviation professionals to connect, learn, collaborate, and shape the future of civil aviation, making them essential gatherings for anyone involved in the industry.
We’re sharing the below list of events that have been scheduled in:

. As the year unfolds this list will be continuously updated. Many of the event websites are currently under construction, make sure to visit the calendar to get links for the events when the information is made available.
These events provide unique opportunities to showcase your products and services to a global audience, including representatives from ICAO’s 193 Member States. Explore how innovative technologies, equipment, and processes can play a crucial role in addressing current and future aviation safety and security challenges.

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